Cook Your Best Steak With Wharph Meat Tenderizer

Cooking meat is not rocket science but a certain form of art. To start with, frozen cuts of meat should be properly thawed before using them or else, it ruins the texture. Once thawed, it should be marinated with herbs and sauces for a few hours. This allows the meat to absorb the spices and become flavorful. The marinated meat should be kept in the refrigerator and taken out 15 to 20 minutes before you cook it. Remove any excess fat if needed and add any extra seasoning if required. You could bake it in the oven, cook it in a pan, grill it or roast it, according to your needs.

Meat is included in a staple food group of proteins. It possesses a high nutritional value and contains some very important vitamins and minerals as well. People who purely eat meat are called carnivores while those who include vegetables and other food groups in their diet are known as omnivores. Nowadays, there are various sources of meat – white meat from poultry which includes chicken, fish, duck, turkey, etc; red meat such as beef, mutton, lamb, etc. Some meats are more flavorful and nutritious than others. However, everyone has a preference for the kind of meat they like to eat.

Meat gets its succulent, juicy flavor from a number of different things. Firstly, a process called Maillard reaction takes place in which denatured proteins on the surface of the meat combine with the sugars present. This gives the meat its main meaty flavor and is also known as the browning reaction. It occurs roughly at around 300F to 500F. Another important contributor to the flavor includes the marinade which is composed of three parts – oil, herbs and acid. Meat can also be brined by keeping it in a salt-water solution. This is also commonly practiced. Finally, fat is an energy rich source which gives the most flavor to any meat cooked in it. The aroma is also dependent on the amount of fat present while cooking the meat.

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WHARPH Premium Meat Tenderizer
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